We design plenty of room for your television and decor…

There is a charm in the harmony between you and your home. The heat of the project lies in the idea of concealing to keep things neat and tidy. UGO interior in Coimbatore creates a linear, corner or U shaped solution, depending to suit all possible requirements.

While choosing a television unit, make sure you have got the dimensions as well as the exact spot that would be graced by your sleek television. The right television unit should not only look great but also be of a great support to your television. You can also have shelves to showcase your family photos, souvenirs, artifacts and other showpieces.

A well-crafted TV unit is an elegant piece of furniture on its own. Being the focal point of the living room, the TV cabinet enhances the viewing experience. Our multifunctional TV cabinets are good for storage, display and utilize spaces better. It is important to go for a TV unit design that appeals to your sensibilities, fits a certain space and offers enough room for your curios and media unit. At UGO Interior, we provide low TV units, high TV Units, Entertainment units, Wall mounted units that personifies your style, meets your criteria and adds to your beautiful home.

If you are very particular about your sound system, other gadgets, and accessories then the entertainment center is for you. Our consoles can be flanked with audio towers on either side, to complete the entertainment system.  

The open shelving design is more a lightweight easy to build option. One easy way to create illusion of more space is with a floating TV unit. |They are also highly practical with features like hidden storage, shelving, LED lighting, and cable management.

The modern TV console serves the purpose of both a TV cabinet and TV unit where you can keep your TV remotes, play stations, and other gadgets. A well designed TV unit keeps your wall clean and clutter-free of wires and chords.

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