We divide spaces, but multiply happiness...

Open floor gives a spacious feel to your home but can disrupt the privacy. Setting up rooms within a room with partial walls will create an intimate atmosphere, giving visual and auditory insulation. Room dividers can be folded, collapsible, sliding or fixed and can make smaller cozier spaces by still maintaining a sense of openness.



Considered a good investment given the long-term usage benefits, aluminium partition panels are ideal for space creation. Having a high usage in MNCs, factories, offices and hub centers, they are also used in kitchens, balcony, ceiling, bathroom, shops and renovation of old buildings.  As they come in all sizes and are adaptable, they can fit like a wall, slide like a door or even fit into a thick wall, removed and re-mounted again. APP is lightweight, rigid, versatile and termite free. As it is thermal and sound resistant, non-corrosive and maintenance free, it makes a great substitute for walls and wood.

UGO Interior in Coimbatore commonly uses wooden partition as they are light weight and simple to construct. In small homes where every inch matter, incorporating wooden partition as storage and in sync with the furniture is a smart way to partition the space. Vertical garden which is demand of the time can be created on the wooden partition to bring freshness into space.



The modern glass partition is used in modern-day workspaces because of its aesthetic brilliance and design versatility. At UGO Interior, we use tempered glass, tint or clear glass, pattern glass or frosted glass, to isolate and divide the area. It maintains the privacy and serves as a perfect sound barrier in business settings.

Gypsum boards are durable, soundproof, fire-resistant, cost efficient, ensure high aesthetic value and improve the efficiency of the space available. Dry wall, is a panel made of gypsum plaster and is usually employed to build interior walls. Plaster slab partition is another alternative manufactured from PoP or plaster of Paris and mixed with wood.


V-Board and V Panels are eco-friendly and have fire, water, termite resistance characteristics which make the pre- fabricated structures safe and comfortable to live. It is used in constructions like rooftop extensions, storage rooms, cottages, farm house and site-offices.

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