Life starts from kitchen, Highlife starts from our modular kitchen…

At UGO Interior, Modular kitchens are made to create the beauty and elegance to the most important space in your home. We handle the visualization, designing, installation and post care needs of your dream kitchen. Modular Kitchen offers you best in space utility, is tidy and compact, easy to install and maintain. If your home is a rented space, we can make it in contemporary style, so that it can be dismantled and shifted.

Kitchen is not just a place for preparation of food, it is the center piece of our home. It is also a treasured place to cherish the memories to enliven with. A space where so many meals are made, conversations had, parties thrown and emotions felt. The touch of convenience makes the best use of our kitchen space as our kitchens are as busy as our lives. The placement of appliances and cabinets must suit the way you prepare, cook and clean.

You can choose kitchens between classic or modern style with the various materials and colors available. The basic line of “UGO Interior” is excellent pricing, multi-faceted design and reasonable price. We integrate with the kitchens using the same module, shapes and alignments. The side panels and shelves create a regular pattern of vertical and horizontal lines. Thanks to open fronted elements, back panels, hinged door fronts, big baskets and top and bottom hinged flap doors, we offer plenty of options for customization.

UGO Interior in Coimbatore provides perfect premium kitchen experience for different kitchens. Different solutions are designed for Island kitchen, Straight line kitchen, L shaped kitchen, Parallel shaped kitchen, Peninsula shaped kitchen and U shaped kitchen. Our design ensures optimal space utilization, facilitates systematic storage, minimizes accidents and elevates hygiene not compromising on the value and aesthetics of your home.

At UGO Interior, we map out the kitchen space and design the most ergonomic model. By finding the premium quality materials that fit the client’s aesthetic sensibility and the budget, our skilled team executes the design with utmost professionalism and zero lags. We do installation under supervision by our crew at the site of delivery and provide support post installation too.

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