We revamp the fifth wall with our sixth sense…

Plain and boring ceilings can be conveniently converted into a piece of art with a magical touch. Stylish false ceiling designs are a huge craze these days as it increases the aesthetic value with fancy treatments and designs. It is a simple process and at UGO Interior, we install in as little as 10 days.

Do you have exposed wires and cables running along the roof? The installation of a false ceiling is a great way to hide the cables and give a flawless look to the ceiling. If the height of the ceiling is too much, it can be lowered with a false ceiling to give the space a more proportionate look and to ensure optimum cooling by the AC.

An acceptable number of light points are generally incorporated within the RCC ceiling during the construction phase. UGO Interior in Coimbatore gives you the flexibility to change the positions of the light points and add points, and diffuse lighting as per the decor of the room.

For an office environment, Gyptone ceilings or perforated plasterboard are favorable, as they are visually presentable, easy to maintain and have a long life span.

POP is the material of dominance in designing the ceiling. It gives a smooth finish and can be molded to suit any design on the ceiling. Use it along with wood or glass for an unmatched, contemporary appeal.

In large showrooms and office spaces, fiber false ceilings are high in demand. The installation process is easy, budget-friendly as they come in many shapes and sizes. Though galvanised iron and aluminium are metal ceilings, they are the most durable with easy installation and low labor cost.

The ceiling that has wooden beams gives the house a warm, rustic look. They can be arranged to create various patterns on the ceiling to give a ultra-modern appeal.

Gypsum board is the most generally used material for its heat-resistant and thermal insulation properties that helps to keep the home cool. Gypsum ceilings follow an acoustic design which ensures sound insulation and absorption of excess sound between rooms. They also last forever and reduce electricity bill significantly. Since gypsum boards are soft, they can be molded into favorite designs easily.  Whatever intricate design you want for your living room, bedroom or any other room, it is possible to produce it using gypsum. They are ideal for homes as well as offices.

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